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­­­­­There are millions of people all over the world loves to watch a sports game called Basketball. Lots of sports fans are so excited whenever they watch this type of sports game. And because of the popularity of Basketball, many fans are betting in this game; and online betting is one of the most well-known way of gambling nowadays. This article will show you some information about Basketball game and the good things of gambling on basketball sport game at the online.

What is Basketball?

Basketball is a physical sports game that is played in a rectangular court. It is consists of two teams with mostly five players each. The main goal of each team is to win the game by shooting the ball to the hoop. It was invented by Dr. James Naismith in 1891. Dr. Naismith is also the first basketball in the history.

The 5 players of each has different roles:

·         Center – usually the tallest and the one who is protecting the rim.

·         Power Forward – also referred to as the post position, has a similar role to a Center such as rebounding and defending the rim.

·         Small Forward – slightly shorter and more agile than Power Forward.

·         Shooting Guard – one of the player that are making plays.

·         Point Guard – mostly, the shortest player; the one that carries the ball and a playmaker.

The most popular basketball league is the National Basketball League or NBA.

Online Betting in Basketball

Betting experience is more fun through online. You can watch your favorite teams of basketball athlete because most of online sports betting sites are offering 24/7 live streaming of all basketball matches. I you haven’t experienced putting your bets though online, many online sports betting sites are also offering free betting tips as a guide especially to those who are a first time and inexperienced bettors. It is more convenient to bet online because you can put your bets using your mobile phones, PC, etc.

To have more enjoyable and exciting online betting experience, you should place your bets on the best online betting website.